Pet Needs: Anti-Rabies Vaccine


He is “putot”, our favorite pet. He was given to us by a therapist who is a local practitioner I guess more than four months back. He is actually our fourth dog and since we decided to put him inside the house we planned to avail an anti-rabies shot for him.

It was last Tuesday September 20, 2016 when we decided to bring him to the Municipal Agriculture office but we were told to have him registered first and bring him back two days after since every Thursday is the schedule of giving the said vaccine. It was done successfully, no crying or even screaming heard from our little big pet.

At least for now we know that he is and we are safe somehow from rabies.

Pet Lover

Given the chance we always want to have a pet at home to care for. As of the moment we have three (3) dogs who act as our guards as they are tied outside the house. We particularly love dogs. We love cats as well except for the smell of their poops. When our pets are getting sick we always make sure that we give them prescription pet medications. Aside from those domestic animals I also love the birds tweeting outside. It has been my practice to scatter left over rice afront our house to invite these cute little birds and be fed. I know that in this little act of giving I am helping the environment which is God’s creation.

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Hit and Run Victim

It was not me but one of my dogs. Last night when I reached home I played with my dogs who are in front of our door way. My husband and I decided to unleash them so they would be able to play around. But the three of them immediately ran out of the gate, after a few minutes we heard a bang and a tricycle ran fast after which one of my dogs came back home crying to the top of his voice. My dog was shaking then he collapsed and that made me cry really very hard. I thought it was the end of his life even more when he vomit with blood. That’s the time when I started to pray as it feels really depressing losing a pet you love. Good thing my prayer has been answered instantly and now he’s back to life. I am taking care of them more than the usual, I am even planning to have them take something like synovi g4 for their better health.

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I Have Three Dogs

I used to house two dogs in our house in the subdivision till we transferred in mid 2013 and I had to give our female dog named pechay to my aunt. Recently when my in-law’s dogs gave birth to five (5) puppies and there we adopted two (2) from them. So no now we are caring for a dog plus two puppies. I make sure they always have something to eat so I bring with me a container everyday for dog food I am collecting from the canteen. I wish they could have something like aSporting Dog Pro equipment. I am such a pet or rather a dog lover. πŸ™‚

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