Friday SaLo-Salo

Have you had the chance to eat using banana leaves as your plate? Can you imagine a number of people eating all together in just one plate? Well, if you have not experienced it yet you will realized how fun-filled it would be most especially if you will do the eating with bare hands. It is highly recommended especially if you’re going to eat grilled fish with matching unripe mango with sauteed shrimp paste. Yum yum!

We did it during the Good Friday. Though it is ideal to fast or it should really be a fasting day we have at least lessen our way by doing it in a Filipino conventional way.

JB: Altar of Flowers

During our Visita Iglesia last week, St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Kawit, Cavite was one of those churches in our itinerary. There is where we had our twelfth station of the cross.

While we were there, the multi purpose hall beside the church caught our attention. They built an altar made up of flowers. It was just beautiful. No one  and nothing stopped me from taking its picture.

Let’s take a closer look.

This is indeed

And will even be more beautiful if only I have used a better camera . =)

Back to Book

When I was cleaning our sleeping area during the last weekend, I happened to get through my mini library. My attention then was caught by a book which was a gift for me.
It was given by my ex-boss and friend in the past New Year. I therefore realized that I am not yet done reading it and so I took it from there, put it on my table and brought it to office this morning.
Prior to going home after work, I read some of its pages which had really made me laugh.
Bo is indeed one of the best writers I have ever known. He is even good in preaching and all. I promise to read it within the week despite my busy blogging schedule as some of my office mates are waiting to have it borrowed from me.
By the way, my ex-boss has her blog as well. So please find time to visit here at Meowl: All in A Cat’s Life.
This will be my share for:

Spiritually – It Isn’t Me Whom I Should Love

Proverbs 29:23 (NIV)
A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.
I was once an active church member during my childhood as an El Shaddai Ministry Choir. I have never failed attending Sunday masses. I do pray a lot then.
Year 2007 when I entered the congregation of Singles for Christ (SfC), wherein  I found friends considered brothers and sisters who do a lot of worshiping activities. I have learned then how to read the bible and became proud of speaking more about Jesus. I found a certain kind of happiness and fulfillment during those times. I found peace and contentment, a joyful and blissful life. I thought I have got more strength from above as I really got closer to Him. But during the same year I have been greatly challenged and in that test I failed. Thinking I was strong, I appeared weak that I was not able to fight the worlds’ temptation.
I am indeed a sinner. I might have already repented on the mistakes I have committed but there’s really nothing I should brag about my Spiritual life. I must admit I am not absolutely observant of His Commandments. Nevertheless, I am wholly assertive that I do believe in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Trinity. However, I know I still have to do a lot good to make it up to Him.
I am fully aware that I am not perfect, but I am really trying to be a good mother to my child and little by little as he grows I am teaching him Jesus’ existence as well as the value of prayer. I am just so glad that Macoi already learned how to pray and he calls it “Amen”. Before he gets to sleep, he comes up to me and say “Momi Amen, Momi Amen” which I already knew that he is inviting me to pray.

And this will be my official entry for this week’s GT.