It is payday indeed because my salary is allotted to pay for my current debts such as housing loan amortization and other fixed expenses. Instead of me feeling great about receiving my paycheck it appears to be the other way around for I know that the money will just have to slip through my fingers. The good side of it is the thought that if not fully extinguished at least I would be able to lessen my existing obligations. I guess it is a usual scenario for every working person unless you are earning more than enough to cover up the family’s expenses.

23rd Month

It is not the salary which I am referring to but our relationship. We have gone through twenty three months of being together and hopefully it will last longer than expected. Ups and downs? I guess we were more like riding in a roller coaster where we even experienced to be moving upside down. Nothing is easy but as much as we could talk about things we certainly do it. It is important that we do understand each other after every quarrel be it some kind of big or small. There are instances when we want to give up but it is a good thing that we still manage to stay. Perhaps its love.

Spice of Life

There is no relationship without a fight. That is one of those things that spice up a relationship. However, make every fight worth it. As some people would say you will not be able to enjoy and feel a sense of happiness if you do not experience things that would emphasize it like pain, hardship or difficulty. Being in a relationship is a challenge – a great challenge that will test your ability to handle matters of life just as to make things work, to keep it stronger, to make it longer and to simply maintain the flame of love and affection.

On the other hand, misunderstanding as one of the challenges must not remain. There have got to be an effort to always patch things up, an attempt to kiss and make up or to allot a room for forgiveness. Consider these challenges as an approach to learn and realize those issues which need to be spelled out.

Life is what we make it. Building good relationship gives life a value. Love binds a relationship. Simply put life is love.

16th Month

It is our 16th month together and I wish we could stay longer together. Since today is an Easter Sunday we are on a vacation – vacation in a friend’s house just within our locale. How I wish we could be in Boracay or in Palawan in the next anniversaries to come. We would love to go out of town or even out of the countries to spend our special day together. But still we are thankful of wherever we may be our relationship is going very well – our love getting stronger as we have learned to live life and make it happier everyday.


Tomorrow is gonna be a feast day at one of our friends’ locale and we have been invited. At first we were hesitant to go as we were not sure if we have other commitments for that day. Finally, my husband decided to attend to it to give their high school friends a chance to be reunited. I am thinking of taking our son with us as more probably my husband’s friends have their kids with them as well. Along with it, I am planning to dress coi in streetwear. I know he will look good at it as he is some kind of a hip-hop in style. By the way, he is a good hip-hop dancer. 🙂


Yesterday was our first anniversary but it seems like things are getting harder or even more difficult. Just like a car stuck somewhere along the way, I feel like I need some sort of breakdown service. I am hurting and I feel so broke and helpless. I don’t know why we need to reach this point in our relationship. It is indeed challenging and I don’t know if we will still be able to manage and resolve things out. I know we both love each other but I guess we need time to contemplate about managing our thoughts and words. We need space. We need some air to breath. 🙁

Over a Year Ago

Over a year ago when I started to get close with somebody I thought friendly enough to consider as one true buddy. As day passes by, we continue to become really friends until we have been tested by the situation. She contradicts about a thing in my life, that I understood and I guess she’s right on that part. I fell one time, I am not sure if she really pulled me up or she just allow things to happen even if she has control.

It is just so frustrating knowing how you trusted a person and eventually realized that she has never been real enough especially when talking behind you. In cases alike, we must exercise some sort of precautions. Try to have a thorough checking before giving out your trust and that is something that I have learned and correspondingly proven by some people and the situation itself.

Trust and Relationship

Along the way you will get know people – people of different personality and preferences. Considering the differences it is not easy to befriend someone. Somehow there has to be common denominator between two persons. Establishing trust is not as easy as putting up an instant metal building. Once you get to handle somebody’s personality, that does not stop there. It must be continuously nourished with affection and concern to maintain the atmosphere of friendship. Patience, understanding and love make a relationship smooth and peacefully flowing. An open mind is a requirement while trust keep it strong and stable. Once the trust is ruined the foundation of a relationship will consequently fall and it will be harder for anybody to rebuild it.

Sometimes a Love Goes Wrong

I could say that there is no perfect relationship. No matter how you exert effort making it last or at least happy everyday, there are instances where you really need to cut your pride out just because you wanted to fix things between you and your lover.

Sometimes a love goes wrong but you need to stick with it simply because you wanted to stay and you really feel happy with it despite of. It takes courage fighting for something you know not universally accepted but for as long as you have a clean conscience that does not require you to explain things to the world then you have the force to keep going.




8 Principles of a Good Sports Team

I am a sports enthusiast. I play games (mostly ball games) whenever I have the chance; be it basketball, volleyball, table tennis and even badminton. I may not be an expert about these things but I have an unambiguous understanding on each of them.

More often than not, I aspire to become part of a team. However, due to an unanticipated instance I have chosen to send regrets from a certain volleyball team. And this has triggered me to write about my own opinion about the morale of a good sports team.

I believe that a team’s pride would not just rest about winning a title, it’s about how you have established your team earning trust, confidence and reliance not just from the team members but also from other people who believe on the team’s commitment and perseverance.

With that in mind, I guess a good team yells without any hesitation that we were firmly established and we are proud as:

1. We value fairness and equality. – We give equal opportunities for those aspiring players. We value each player’s determination to learn further and improve themselves, thus; we recognize their interest to become part of the team proven by their consistent effort to show up and participate in the scheduled practices.

2. We promote honesty and integrity. – Each of the players went through the same level of training from where we have based our selection process. We have a training program that reasonably measures a player’s skills and ability. Recommendations are welcome but a player’s involvement is a must.

3. We play with loyalty and dedication. – We are not preoccupied by the thoughts on what support we can get being a team member such as allowances, sporting goods, recognition. We play because we want to, we take responsibility about being a player, we exert time and effort, and we aim to bring honor to the team.

4. We uphold respect. – Regardless of their contribution to the team we show respect to our leaders, members and players, opponents and to everybody.

5. We craft motivation – Being a team we are being watched at, so we are bound to make ourselves as a model of the role each of us is playing. This is something from where we are pulling our pride out.

6. We build strong bond and camaraderie – As a team we are friends, we trust each other. We are open. We give each and everyone the chance to speak out and we see to it that there is no ill feeling from anybody. If there is any, we ensure to resolve any issues. We encourage, accept and value suggestions.

7. We learn from each other – We don’t just look at how a player has performed in the past or how each of them are expected to play. We share knowledge, we learn as we continuously help each one to improve on their skills. We do not just focus on someone’s playing expertise (position), as much as possible we encourage versatility.

8. We look up to God – In recognition of His presence at all time along with the appreciation of those strength and talents He has given us, we offer our activities to the Lord. That without Him there would be no games, no chances of winning, no us.

I hope I have completely plotted the qualities being looked for in a team. Not that I am asking you to find a perfect team but look for a team who at least knows the definition of the word “fairness”.

It is but natural to put winning in a team’s perspective as they are basically driven to win but it will be more important to instill in a person’s mind that sports is also about working harder, gaining more friends and living a good life.

To end this up, I’d like to leave a quote for you to ponder on:

The desire to win is born in most of us. The will to win is a matter of training. The manner of winning is a matter of honour.” – Margaret Thatcher

Annulment on Sale

I am not a married woman; I have not been married not even once. Why? Because in as much as I want to see forever with my man, I cannot discount the fact that it is but possible for a relationship to fail. When it does, how would I avail for a remedy? Annulment is the only one and best solution to end up a broken marriage but not all couples has the capability to benefit from it; basically because it is too expensive here in the Philippines. Only those with enough financial capability can take advantage of the said solution.

I guess it is but fair to make it affordable for the non-wealthy citizen. It may somehow denote annulment on sale but I believe it can make a big difference for more.