Saturday Shopping

Ate Thea and Coi-coi

Yesterday we did our very first Christmas shopping with my friend Jen and her daughter Thea. But it is not as extravagant as it may seem to be. I just bought a pair of Christmas outfit (denim pants and checkered cars polo) for my son coi-coi, dress for coi’s big sister, rubber slippers for my hubby and for myself and another tote bag for me. I guess nothing is more important than making the Kids happy. Christmas may not just be for them but the occasion will become happier with smile on their faces. I wish that we can celebrate Christmas more than just an ordinary day with the thought that this is the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Saturday Shopping With Friends

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone shopping with college friends and I am just so happy that we were able to do it again last Saturday.

I have taken my cousin and coicoi to join us at our shopping galore in Greenhills. We left at around 9am and arrived at our meeting place by almost 11am. We were late as I have set the time at 10am. Sorry girls.

Upon getting to Greenhills shopping centre we had our brunch at Chowking and from the time we went out the restaurant until almost 3pm was our entire shopping moment.

We bought a lot of things, intimate apparels, shoes, shirts for us and for our loved ones and even a toy for the ever active and enjoying coicoi. We also went to the gadgets area and bought some gadget accessories.

It was fun indeed and I would love to do it over and over again. I just hope we have more budget when we get back in there. =)