Saturday Shopping

Ate Thea and Coi-coi

Yesterday we did our very first Christmas shopping with my friend Jen and her daughter Thea. But it is not as extravagant as it may seem to be. I just bought a pair of Christmas outfit (denim pants and checkered cars polo) for my son coi-coi, dress for coi’s big sister, rubber slippers for my hubby and for myself and another tote bag for me. I guess nothing is more important than making the Kids happy. Christmas may not just be for them but the occasion will become happier with smile on their faces. I wish that we can celebrate Christmas more than just an ordinary day with the thought that this is the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

GT: Movie for Siblings

I have not really watched this flick but this is something I thought worth for sisters. I grew up without a sister beside me as I cannot withheld the fact that I was a product of a broken family. I have two (2) sisters from my father’s side and one (1) from my mother’s.Of course, we do have a lot of differences. Before, there are times that I envy them feeling like they took my parents away from me. But now that I am grown up woman  and a parent already, I guess I have nothing to envy at all.
Sisters can really be friends and rivals too. On the other hand, my friends are whom I have considered my sisters for a long time now. I even sometimes utter that I cannot live without them. We became rivals at times but we take things as a joke.
I remember back in college, we have this list of crushes but the funny thing is it turned out to be a “one for all- all for one” set-up. Anyways, those are for the purpose of infatuation only. Obviously, we can no longer do it to their husbands this time.
This will be my entry for this week’s GT.