TNT vs Ginebra

Our first PBA encounter for this year happened yesterday and as usual it was a match between Talk n’ Text and Ginebra. But of course it is the Tropang texters that we are supporting. The game though non-bearing for Ginebra is still worth watching and the coliseum almost reach its full capacity.

pba 2014

More than the chauvet led blacklight are the eyes of the TNT fans glowing in delight as they witness the texters go ahead of the barangay in scoring.

I consider us as lucky charm since we never had losing experience watching live for TnT so far. But of course it would be happier to see them win every time they play with or without our presence.

An Award Undeserved

It breaks my heart knowing that your favorite sports icon has not earned an award simply because of a non-sense protest from a member of the committee. Just a player was not able to play a single game his effort to bring the team to the semis and championship would be disregarded. I really think that is unfair and is really disappointing.

My idol must have been earned the honor from the people who believe in him but he does not deserve to be ignored. But the very problem on this might fall on not having a system to be the basis of everything.

Sports Coaching

Coaching is not just about the theoretical knowledge about a certain sports; most of the time practical applications and experiences help a lot in order to share the best practices to a team. Depending on the case and situation, a coach must know how to throw the best possible solution to win a game. It’s not just on the tactics and strategies but lifting the morale of your players and giving them encouragement are just some of the important responsibilities of being a coach. Trust is but a given attitude but as a coach you need to identify the objective of playing which is most of the time about winning the game.


It was August 24, 2013 when the second football match between the Younghusband brothers was held. Last year it was Phil’s (older) team who take home the bacon while last night it was his younger brother’s team turn. Despite of the heavy rains which has turn the field much more like a water field, James’ team ended the game at a score of 4 against the opponent with only 1 field goal. I guess it was due to their loss last year that made James team very much determined and motivated to win since it is their chance to take revenge and prove the people that they can also win the battle.


After two games the University Athletic Association of the Philippines Women’s Volleyball Finals has ended before time. The De La Salle University (DLSU) Lady Spikers was able to take home the title for the third consecutive time snatching it from the Ateneo de Manila (AdMU) Lady Blue Eagles with three straight sets on the second game. It was expected though since the green team has a younger and more aggressive set of players and it has become more evident when three of their players were considered as the most valuable players of the season and of the finals as well. The Lady eagles might need some sort of promotional stress relievers as they were not able to pick up the pieces for the second time around even with the best setter of the season in their team.


Just yesterday my eyes got stuck in the sports channel that we usually watch. But this time it is not because of basketball but about the game with the racket. It is the world’s famous lawn tennis. I have not been interested as this until I realized how the scoring goes. It is as breath taking as the rest of the interesting sports that we were really a fan of. I am sure I heard the names of the famous players and it was just so exciting that I am able to watch them even in the television. It is the 2013 Australian Open that is made us stare once again in our TV set.

Shakey’s V-League 2012

After enjoying some inter-community volleyball leagues our eyes have been stuck watching volleyball games over the television. There is this women volleyball league usually joined by some top colleges and universities around the country. If I am not mistaken it is the 9th season and for this conference I can say that it is more than exciting than the usual having Ateneo de Manila University and University of Santo Tomas battling for the championship title. I am for the Lady Eagles (AdMU) while my better half is on the side of the Lady Tigers (UST).
The final series was never an easy endeavor for both teams racing to win the first two out of the three games allotted. They tied up during the first two games and of course the last game was very tough. They even tied again in the first four sets and the last set has been the deciding factor. Lucky enough Lady Eagles took home the title. I was never wrong to admire the setter of the team because if not with her precise and smart toss there will never be a good attacker. The import was really of big help for them being the best blocker and defender of the team but I think it is their teamwork on top that brought them to victory. Till next time Lady Eagles. Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

Volleyball Leagues and New Friends

These past few weeks, my partner and I were very busy attending to some inter-community volleyball leagues. We get to know new set of friends with members all inclined to volleyball. They are fun to be with and we enjoy being with them as much as we do love to play the game. The girl’s team is dominant in fact they were able to win a championship game in one of the two entries that they had while they ended as a runner-up on the other. The boys on the other hand just took pleasure in the games that they played. It is great feeling to participate in an activity you really love to do but it is more fulfilling to know that you are able to gain friends from it.

Pride Behind Guilt

Indeed there is a reason for everything – whether we like it or not we just need to accept some things. Just as the recent defeat encountered by the TNT Nation. It is really hard to accept the fact that we lost despite the unstoppable effort. But what is more difficult to absorb is the obvious truth that there was something really dubious that transpired that’s why we are now at the losing end.

We are but very much convinced about the performance of Denzel Bowles, James Yap or whoever may be from the B-MEG Planet but there is such thing as conscience to consider. It may not be executed by anyone of them but it is hard to take pride behind guilt.

For me and for the rest of the Tropa – Talk ‘N Text will always be our Champion. Continue to play a clean game, we are just so proud of you guys. We love you!

No One Should be Blamed

Things happen. In any game there is a winner and a loser on the opposite. Wherever our place may be, there should not be any regrets. There should not be any animosity and no one should be blamed. What is important is that we’ve given our best.

We should still be thankful about the outcome even if we fall on the losing end and instill in our mind that everything happens for the reason. Perhaps winning is not meant for us this time. What matter is we ended up happy,free from any injuries and that we enjoyed the game. and this can still be considered a success.

Congratulations to SE-CCC Women’s Volleyball Team for winning the game last night!

SE Sportsfest 2011

Though no official announcement has been released on the subject it is somehow certain to happen as there are a lot of on-going preparations for the activity. We had our uniforms fitted and finally completed our volleyball line-up. We had our practice schedules as well starting today.

Exciting somehow but nothing extra ordinary to expect. We have been oriented about the cost cutting and that’s probably the reason why. On the other hand, we are still hoping for the best. Go SE Team!

NBA LockOut

It’s a big question mark on when the biggest basketball league in the world would resume. A lot of fanatics including myself would really miss watching our fave basketball players on screen. If only we can do a thing about it maybe even various insects would give in their top 10 chirp as a sign of protest on this move.

I wonder what my idols would do during these idle times, would they play on other basketball leagues outside the US of A? It could be that a lot of teams will take this chance to practice and improve their playing tactics for the NBA come back.

I just hope it will not last that long.