An Award Undeserved

It breaks my heart knowing that your favorite sports icon has not earned an award simply because of a non-sense protest from a member of the committee. Just a player was not able to play a single game his effort to bring the team to the semis and championship would be disregarded. I really think that is unfair and is really disappointing.

My idol must have been earned the honor from the people who believe in him but he does not deserve to be ignored. But the very problem on this might fall on not having a system to be the basis of everything.

Sports Coaching

Coaching is not just about the theoretical knowledge about a certain sports; most of the time practical applications and experiences help a lot in order to share the best practices to a team. Depending on the case and situation, a coach must know how to throw the best possible solution to win a game. It’s not just on the tactics and strategies but lifting the morale of your players and giving them encouragement are just some of the important responsibilities of being a coach. Trust is but a given attitude but as a coach you need to identify the objective of playing which is most of the time about winning the game.