An Award Undeserved

It breaks my heart knowing that your favorite sports icon has not earned an award simply because of a non-sense protest from a member of the committee. Just a player was not able to play a single game his effort to bring the team to the semis and championship would be disregarded. I really think that is unfair and is really disappointing.

My idol must have been earned the honor from the people who believe in him but he does not deserve to be ignored. But the very problem on this might fall on not having a system to be the basis of everything.

Sports Coaching

Coaching is not just about the theoretical knowledge about a certain sports; most of the time practical applications and experiences help a lot in order to share the best practices to a team. Depending on the case and situation, a coach must know how to throw the best possible solution to win a game. It’s not just on the tactics and strategies but lifting the morale of your players and giving them encouragement are just some of the important responsibilities of being a coach. Trust is but a given attitude but as a coach you need to identify the objective of playing which is most of the time about winning the game.


After two games the University Athletic Association of the Philippines Women’s Volleyball Finals has ended before time. The De La Salle University (DLSU) Lady Spikers was able to take home the title for the third consecutive time snatching it from the Ateneo de Manila (AdMU) Lady Blue Eagles with three straight sets on the second game. It was expected though since the green team has a younger and more aggressive set of players and it has become more evident when three of their players were considered as the most valuable players of the season and of the finals as well. The Lady eagles might need some sort of promotional stress relievers as they were not able to pick up the pieces for the second time around even with the best setter of the season in their team.

Championship Game

After all the struggles and hardships in playing some series of volleyball games in our company sports fest we are now heading towards the Championship title. Today is gonna be our first game of the twice to beat advantage for the Customer Care Center team. Admittedly, they have a stronger line up than ours but I guess we do have this courage more than their confidence. I hope we have something like dj table at musicians friend for the game later. So our supporters can cheer with the beat of the music. Hope we can still make it. Go Admin team!

No One Should be Blamed

Things happen. In any game there is a winner and a loser on the opposite. Wherever our place may be, there should not be any regrets. There should not be any animosity and no one should be blamed. What is important is that we’ve given our best.

We should still be thankful about the outcome even if we fall on the losing end and instill in our mind that everything happens for the reason. Perhaps winning is not meant for us this time. What matter is we ended up happy,free from any injuries and that we enjoyed the game. and this can still be considered a success.

Congratulations to SE-CCC Women’s Volleyball Team for winning the game last night!

SE Sportsfest 2011

Though no official announcement has been released on the subject it is somehow certain to happen as there are a lot of on-going preparations for the activity. We had our uniforms fitted and finally completed our volleyball line-up. We had our practice schedules as well starting today.

Exciting somehow but nothing extra ordinary to expect. We have been oriented about the cost cutting and that’s probably the reason why. On the other hand, we are still hoping for the best. Go SE Team!

Need to Practice

While we’re waiting for our upcoming sportsfest, we feel the need for a practice. It’s been so long since we have played volleyball, badminton and even ping pong that we used to do during lunch breaks.

Our recreation area in the office has been removed to give way for the company expansion and that includes the ping pong table. We are hoping that one day an alternative spot would be alloted to be our new gaming space.

Taking one step at a time, we’ll start to practice volleyball next week for our outdoor sports. For the indoor, we still have to check for venues and even come up to a decision of choosing between badminton and table tennis or the so called ping pong.

Sportsfest 2011

I am looking forward to our next company sportsfest scheduled next month and I am thinking by now on which event should I join in.

Last year, I was part of the volleyball team for the outdoor category where we became the 2010 champions. For indoor, I joined the women’s doubles badminton where my me and my partner got the first runner-up place.

What’s unforgettable for me during the last year’s sportfest is the injury I had during our volleyball championship game where I fell when I tried to hit the ball. I was lucky still that I need not put on some kind of specially recommended donjoy knee sleeve.

For this year, I am expecting a more challenging sports competition and I just hope that everybody will enjoy and not anyone would encounter some serious injuries.