Nearest Starbucks in CEPZA

not a good pose for me, i was trying to remove the foreign matter lodged in between my teeth (in short “tinga”)

I have not tasted again an SB coffee for quite some time now, since I have migrated to my new work place in the province of Cavite. That is more or less five (5) months already.

Thanks to Madam Jackie for the opportunity she has offered. I really enjoyed it more than ever as it was free. Hehe!

This took place last Friday, August 07, 2010. It was actually an unplanned getaway. During the same day we just decided to go to Tagaytay for a “Bulalo” (bone-marrow) dinner. Seven (7) of us went there, with one (1) missing – Dante.

Our first stop was in GreenATS Bulalohan, there we had two (2) big bowls of  Special Bulalo Soup and a plate of Spicy “Sisig”(marinated, boiled, grilled and fried pig face) matched with rice. We stayed there for an hour or so after which we went straight to Robinson’s Tagaytay for the SB treat.

Yes, Starbucks Tagaytay is the nearest SB coffee shop in Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority (CEPZA).  

from left to right: Isay, Usyo, Cel and Madam Jackie    
me and xye… where’s metz???

We were the noisiest customers then as we filled the shop with fun and laughter.