Splash down!

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The hot days of summer are calling your kids to come out and play and if your home has a swimming pool, now is the perfect time to put it to use! People love parties, and if the pool or other water games are involved, there’s sure to be tons of fun for all ages.

A pool party is easy to plan, and can be conformed to fit the age of any child. Of course, safety must be the most important factor to consider before any party planning begins! The number one rule that everyone must abide by is making sure no child is ever left alone in or around the swimming pool. A child can drown in as little as 3 inches of water, so even if you only have a “baby pool” it can still post risk. Make certain there is competent adult supervision at all times, and then you can proceed with the fun.

Making some lemonade or sweet tea and having lots of ice pops on hand ensures everyone can stay hydrated as well as enjoy the treats. As for games, start out with water balloons. Divide the kids into teams of two kids each. Give each team a beach towel and instruct them to hold the shorter ends of the towel to form a sling. Drop a water balloon into the sling and have the kids work together to fling the balloon to the kids holding the other towel to try and catch it. Chances are, some of the balloons will hit the ground and the kids will have a blast dodging the spray!

Another game with water balloons is what I call the “Sit and Splash”. This uses larger balloons, filled almost all the way with water and small prizes such as coins. Each child is given a balloon, and when the grown-up says “go!” the children sit on the balloons, bounce on them, and try to make them pop. The first child who breaks their balloon wins the goodies inside!

There’s also the “pool noodle limbo”, using a foam pool noodle as the limbo stick. This one is always fun, especially if the lawn is nice and wet as well, ensuring lots of giggles as the kids slip and slide on their way under the stick. You can also find some inexpensive float rings and use them as a ring toss over a foam noodle, or even a swimmer’s head in the pool! Or, place them on the ground instead of tires for a fun obstacle course, or hang them from a tree branch for a frisbee toss! This time of year, you can find lots of inexpensive outdoor toys for prizes as well, such as bubbles, frisbees, and colorful beach towels. The things you use for the games, can also double as prizes, so there’s no buying twice. Swimming pools and water games are so enticing for kids and as long as you play safely, there’s no limit to the fun!

Fear Not the Heat of the Sun

Summer is fun indeed! With your closest friends and loved ones, with the best chosen getaway place, with all those things needed at hand including those NIVEA Sun Skin  Protection products; surely, no dull moments would get in your way.

NIVEA has been a part of my life even before I started earning, from regular set of personal hygiene up to those specialized skin care products;  so it’s been more than a decade now.  My skin may not be as flawless as celebrities we seen on screen but I have trusted NIVEA in order to keep it healthier than ever. I will never be regretful about recommending it to my friends and colleagues as well. Just like NIVEA Sun Invisible Protection Transparent Spray, it has helped us a lot and was really effective as we used it in our recent company outing held last May 14, 2011 at Canyon Cove Beach Club in Nasugbu Batangas.

Nivea Sun Invisible Protection Transparent Spray

Under the intense ray of the sun we had fun without thinking that our skin might get dreadfully burned. Not looking greasy and oily, we managed to keep ourselves stunningly beautiful while joining the activities lined up for the day. Even when we had to conquer the need to go after a long line just as for us to be able to use the restroom and change outfit(Canyon Cove’s available number of restrooms cannot accomodate big delegations) we were really confident as we know that we’re definitely protected by NIVEA. It has a highly effective UVA/UVB filter system, it quickly absorbs and provides instantaneous protection. Just like us, everybody deserves to enjoy summer. And so with that,  www.fearthesunnomore.com just got some exciting offers which we can consider for superb pleasure.

On the other hand, our company event did not turn out really perfect as we experienced unsatisfactory services from the venue. Because of that, I guess it will be better to plan another getaway with my friends before the summer ends. As I was really convinced by the place, I know Misibis Bay would be the best spot to spend final summer activities for this year. There is where you can find full relaxation and enjoyment, a place where you can build memorable moments to treasure with your friends and family.

Nobody wants their skin to get harmed. With NIVEA fear not the heat of the sun and if you call for contentment and total delight Misibis Bay without a doubt is the place to be.

Beach for this Summer

Yesterday, the venue of our company outing has been finalized. It’s gonna be in the beach named Canyon Cove Beach Club.

There we are expected to have fun and enjoy with my more or less 1500 colleagues. There will be games, talent contests and food to get pleasure from. It will be on May 15 of this year. At least earlier than last year’s outing.

Woohoo! Excited about it! Hope my office friends will join this time.