Lee Grane vs Dan

The result of the battles last night at The Voice of the Philippines reality television show almost satisfied me except for the pair which came from my favorite team the Camp Kawayan. Looking back at their performance I should say that Dan came out to be better than Lee. The latter seems to need an excellent seagull s6 at musicians friend every time she sings.Her voice does not seem to fit other genres as well. The judge’s decision or I should say my idol’s decision did not seem to be really fair. It did not appear to be a reasonable battle of talent. I just hope there is a chance for Dan to come back and prove himself again.

The Voice of the Philippines

The Voice of the Philippines is one of our favorite television shows nowadays. This is something that we always look forward every weekend nights as part of our family bonding (I guess it will be better to have a stereo stand to improve the room arrangement). Even my son becomes so excited about it every time. While am also fascinated with music I like the concept of this contest which base the selection mainly on voice especially the blind audition. The judges are all awesome though my personal inclination goes to camp kawayan or bamboo. I love the way he sings and I definitely enjoy his music genre. I also have this extremely high regard to Apl and Lea Salonga knowing that they are world wide acclaimed artists. Now that “The Battles” portion of the show has begun I believe this will be more thrilling not just for the contestants but also for the viewers. I must say that the contenders and their voices are all amazing.