Pain on Lower Back

Last Friday, I had to render under time at work just as to be able to chase my OB-Gyne Doctor. At first what I have been experiencing has something to do with gastro and intestine issues but when I felt the pain on my lower back I thought of it as a different story.  I told a friend aboout it and she said that I probably have an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

When the doctor checked me up, she directed me to undergo a urinalysis. Almost everything turned out normal except for the findings of being acidic and a pus cells count which has somehow exceeded the normal of 4-5hpf. Then I realize that it is the pus which helps determine whether a person got the infection or not.

With that an antibiotic was given plus a vitamin which I had to take continuously for ten days. However, for faster remedy water therapy is highly recommended.