16th Month

It is our 16th month together and I wish we could stay longer together. Since today is an Easter Sunday we are on a vacation – vacation in a friend’s house just within our locale. How I wish we could be in Boracay or in Palawan in the next anniversaries to come. We would love to go out of town or even out of the countries to spend our special day together. But still we are thankful of wherever we may be our relationship is going very well – our love getting stronger as we have learned to live life and make it happier everyday.

Holiday Work

It is just so unfortunate for us that the long holiday coincided with the peak season at work where in we cannot just ignore those tasks assigned to us as they were really significant to be executed – meaning a lot of report users rely on us. One of the issues that we had is that not all of us are being given with laptop so some would really need to come to office just as to act on their responsibility. We have been asking our Management Information Systems officers if we can loan some laptops just as for the holidays or can our personal laptops be temporarily be installed with some system applications needed to carry out our reports but then it is as if they have something like an ITIL which they strictly follow so we were not allowed to do either of the two choices. Due to that some of us really can’t work from home and it is so sad that we need to work in the office during the Holy Week.

Quezon Visit

Last week we went to the province to visit my hometown. It’s been more than a year since the last time I went there. It is such a relief to see the house where I grew up, the community where I used to belong and of course my grandmother. It is such a pleasure knowing that most people living there still recognizes me no matter how much weight I have gained. I really love to stay there given the chance. If only I have the same resource that I have now, I would probably not leave the place. Definitely I love Barangay Sampaloc, Pitogo Quezon. =)