Precious Valentine Gifts

stackable rings

Other than Christmas season expression of love is mostly seen during Valentine’s day. Flowers, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and a lot of stuffs are scattered everywhere making the Heart’s day even more special for those people who have a partner. But this day is not just for couple and for those with personal partner but for people who are remembered – remembered in the sense that because of how they get along anybody would love to give a thing for the purpose of recognition and appreciation.

However, if you have this great love for a person you usually would want to give not just a simple but an extravagant and precious gifts like those Joy Jewelers stackable rings something that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Valentines Day Jam

Just like what I usually do when we were hanging out before I am singing with the band. More than just a good PRS and a not so good voice is the ability to face a lot of people in front of you which I call courage and confidence. This afternoon I was not able to stop myself, instead I gave up for my friends who were pushing me to get up on stage and perform with the band. I know I feel a bit of nervousness but its manageable and so I sing my all time favorite song “Tattooed on my Mind”. I may not be a good singer but its enough to hear those hand clapping for you,

Celebration: Birthday & Love

Yesterday, February 13 was my hubby’s birthday. We just confide ourselves at home as it was raining so hard while I tried cooking some of his favorites. I prepared buttered garlic shrimp, chicken noodle soup and of course spaghetti. We went out to buy a heart-shaped cake for the two-in-one celebration . Yesterday for his birthday and today as Valentine’s Day.

As of this moment I have not got any presents from him but hopefully before the day ends I will be happier with him. Happy birthday dadi and hapi heart’s day as well! May you have more birthday’s to come and may we have more Valentine’s day together. I so love you.