ALE : Attitude is Everything

Last Saturday February 27, 2016 was the first women’s voleyball match of Ateneo Lady Eagles against De La Salle’s Lady Spikers for the 78th Season of UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines). The latter had the chance to regain victory in this elimination game after several series of losses in two years from ALE.

I remember I used to be on the green’s side not only that they’re bearing my favorite color but because I used to be a part of the company who supports them (with its logo on their jersey) until such time that I was greatly dismayed about how Abby Maraño is playing on the court (apology for her supporters – just my opinion). I didn’t like the way she make faces with too much arrogance every time she was able to block an opponent’s spike or every time her drop-ball succeeds. Probably it is indeed a great honor to having been executed such great blocking/offense power but I wish there is a better way of showing that kind of pride.


Having said that, Alyssa Valdez on the other hand impressed me that much. No matter how remarkable the way she plays the game she remains humble wearing those big smiles in an unoffensive manner. I have loved her since then.

Yesterday, I saw how one of the Spiker’s player portrayed the same conceit I’ve seen from Tiyang Abby and it was indeed very disappointing. Yes maybe it is just being seen on-court for they say that off-court is a different story since they are in fact friends. The point here is not about the friendship -it is about the character a real athlete should possess on and off court. It is about becoming a model especially for youth who tends to idolize a player.

Nothing really personal against them as I know they work hard to be in their position but just a piece of advice for them to keep humility above all because at the end of the day attitude is everything.

Shakey’s V-League Season 10 Finals

The second game of the Season 10 finals has just ended. IT was a battle between the Smart Net Spikers and the Cagayan Valley Rising Suns. The latter being undefeated I find myself favoring the underdog simply because my very idol Alyssa Valdez was there. It is done and because it is I have to calm myself because the pinch of hope that’s left in me has already gone. It was a hard battle fought by both teams but I need acceptance that my team I am in favor of fell as a first placer of the conference. Best of luck next time!

Better Luck Next Time

We were the defending champion of the league and we didn’t expect that Saturday would be our last game to play. We have been defeated by our former opponent composed of far younger generations. Admittedly, they are good enough. They have these strong defensive skills in playing the volleyball. Maybe we have also appeared too confident and complacent during the game. What lacks us even more is the team effort – there wasn’t any noise in playing, there was not much of encouragement for each and every team mates, rotation of players has not been executed very well and most of all there was not even a single practice that we’ve done. With that it is an acceptable fact that we will not be able to get through the finals.

Shakey’s V-League 2013

The season one of the most popular women’s volleyball league in the country has already started but there were no airings in the television yet. The agreement on which network will cover the sports event has just been done and it was the GMA News Channel whom the league has closed the deal. And so the live coverage will start on Monday April, 15, 2013 after the high noon show “balitanghali”. It is just so unfortunate that there is only one weekend day it is made available – every Saturday. The live game is always being held at the San Juan Sports Arena in San Juan City.


After two games the University Athletic Association of the Philippines Women’s Volleyball Finals has ended before time. The De La Salle University (DLSU) Lady Spikers was able to take home the title for the third consecutive time snatching it from the Ateneo de Manila (AdMU) Lady Blue Eagles with three straight sets on the second game. It was expected though since the green team has a younger and more aggressive set of players and it has become more evident when three of their players were considered as the most valuable players of the season and of the finals as well. The Lady eagles might need some sort of promotional stress relievers as they were not able to pick up the pieces for the second time around even with the best setter of the season in their team.

Nice Game

We did not win the game but we made sure that it was tough for them to get into the championship. Two straight sets with scores close the game was not easy indeed. Although I was not able to play longer than expected I was very happy for the team and I am sure they felt great as well. Ended as first runner up in place we were able to get medals individually and a cash prize amounting to P3,600. Not bad at least we have something for all of us to share. What to do with the money? Yet to be decided.

Championship Game

After all the struggles and hardships in playing some series of volleyball games in our company sports fest we are now heading towards the Championship title. Today is gonna be our first game of the twice to beat advantage for the Customer Care Center team. Admittedly, they have a stronger line up than ours but I guess we do have this courage more than their confidence. I hope we have something like dj table at musicians friend for the game later. So our supporters can cheer with the beat of the music. Hope we can still make it. Go Admin team!

Shakey’s V-League Encounter

This picture is the one that completed my day when we watched the 2nd Conference of Shakey’s Volleyball League for Year 2012. They (AdMU) almost gave up and lose the game but their skills and capabilities of the Lady Eagles still came out in the end. The setter, Jem Ferrer is just so good in making the game plan while the front hitters coincided and gave all their might and their very best. Congratulations to you guys! Keep it up! I will always be your big fan. 🙂

Shakey’s V-League 2012

After enjoying some inter-community volleyball leagues our eyes have been stuck watching volleyball games over the television. There is this women volleyball league usually joined by some top colleges and universities around the country. If I am not mistaken it is the 9th season and for this conference I can say that it is more than exciting than the usual having Ateneo de Manila University and University of Santo Tomas battling for the championship title. I am for the Lady Eagles (AdMU) while my better half is on the side of the Lady Tigers (UST).
The final series was never an easy endeavor for both teams racing to win the first two out of the three games allotted. They tied up during the first two games and of course the last game was very tough. They even tied again in the first four sets and the last set has been the deciding factor. Lucky enough Lady Eagles took home the title. I was never wrong to admire the setter of the team because if not with her precise and smart toss there will never be a good attacker. The import was really of big help for them being the best blocker and defender of the team but I think it is their teamwork on top that brought them to victory. Till next time Lady Eagles. Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

Volleyball Leagues and New Friends

These past few weeks, my partner and I were very busy attending to some inter-community volleyball leagues. We get to know new set of friends with members all inclined to volleyball. They are fun to be with and we enjoy being with them as much as we do love to play the game. The girl’s team is dominant in fact they were able to win a championship game in one of the two entries that they had while they ended as a runner-up on the other. The boys on the other hand just took pleasure in the games that they played. It is great feeling to participate in an activity you really love to do but it is more fulfilling to know that you are able to gain friends from it.

No One Should be Blamed

Things happen. In any game there is a winner and a loser on the opposite. Wherever our place may be, there should not be any regrets. There should not be any animosity and no one should be blamed. What is important is that we’ve given our best.

We should still be thankful about the outcome even if we fall on the losing end and instill in our mind that everything happens for the reason. Perhaps winning is not meant for us this time. What matter is we ended up happy,free from any injuries and that we enjoyed the game. and this can still be considered a success.

Congratulations to SE-CCC Women’s Volleyball Team for winning the game last night!

Need to Learn Massage Therapy

photo credit to onlystace

Last Wednesday August 10, I’ve got the chance to play volleyball again. After a long time of no exercise or any physically tiring activities I expected some sort of body aches as a consequence. It happened indeed and even worst I experienced left leg cramp which hubby have not gotten any choice but to carry me as I alight from the motorcycle. With that, I guess I would be needing a help of a massage therapy program online so I would learn how to properly handle situations alike without taking too much of my time. Maybe this is also one of the best ways to reward my partner on his everyday effort of playing his role and acting on his responsibility.