ALE : Attitude is Everything

Last Saturday February 27, 2016 was the first women’s voleyball match of Ateneo Lady Eagles against De La Salle’s Lady Spikers for the 78th Season of UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines). The latter had the chance to regain victory in this elimination game after several series of losses in two years from ALE.

I remember I used to be on the green’s side not only that they’re bearing my favorite color but because I used to be a part of the company who supports them (with its logo on their jersey) until such time that I was greatly dismayed about how Abby Maraño is playing on the court (apology for her supporters – just my opinion). I didn’t like the way she make faces with too much arrogance every time she was able to block an opponent’s spike or every time her drop-ball succeeds. Probably it is indeed a great honor to having been executed such great blocking/offense power but I wish there is a better way of showing that kind of pride.


Having said that, Alyssa Valdez on the other hand impressed me that much. No matter how remarkable the way she plays the game she remains humble wearing those big smiles in an unoffensive manner. I have loved her since then.

Yesterday, I saw how one of the Spiker’s player portrayed the same conceit I’ve seen from Tiyang Abby and it was indeed very disappointing. Yes maybe it is just being seen on-court for they say that off-court is a different story since they are in fact friends. The point here is not about the friendship -it is about the character a real athlete should possess on and off court. It is about becoming a model especially for youth who tends to idolize a player.

Nothing really personal against them as I know they work hard to be in their position but just a piece of advice for them to keep humility above all because at the end of the day attitude is everything.