Other than the selection of wedding rings it really amazes me seeing longer lines in some J. Co Doughnut store. I am sure everybody who also sees such become curious as I am imagining how good the taste of these round or ring like flavored bread is. I guess I had repeatedly tries and tasted them but for me it almost did not meet my expectation (this is just my personal opinion). Probably because I am or rather I have a sweet tooth and so as my son that’s why it does not have that much of appeal to us. On the contrary, some of my friends and office mates love it.

Dreaming of a Ring in my Finger

I don’t care about wedding before as I am afraid of it, afraid that it may not succeed just like what has happened to my parent’s marriage. But of course I still dream of wearing something like Reeds diamond ring in my finger with or without a ceremony. It gives me some sense of assurance and security somehow.

For now, I just have to wait for the right time as I don’t like to force things to happen.There are still a lot of issues to be resolved, arrangement to be settled or cases to be closed. These may just be a matter of acceptance but obviously these are easier said than done.