Out Alone Tonight

Krab is out tonight but he is not actually alone. He is having good time with some of his friends and office mates. A thing he does not frequently do so I just let him enjoy even without me on his side. I just asked him to buy apidexin so I could try another approach to getting slim. Hope he will not forget it.

On the other hand, I am enjoying this chance to update my blogs at home even without my own internet connection but with my neighbor’s wifi access. Hihi! Thank you so much neighbor. It helps a lot.

Big Among the Six

I guess I have said it that I had the chance to see two of my college friends again last Saturday. And because I have not seen them for more than half a year changes on them were simply noticeable. They both became slim than ever as if they were taking the best weight loss pills.

I just wish I can be more like them in size as I have been the biggest among the six of us in the group eversince. Going on just a diet has never been effective on me. Maybe I should try some other means. 🙁



Alternative Way to Lose Weight

Relative to my thoughts on how to reduce weight, I was told by my friend of an alternative way to do so and that is buying wii gaming console. It may be expensive in a way but it could be used for a lot of purposes. It could be for fun and enjoyment of everyone in the family and for my weight reduction program as well. I just have to make sure of buying wii remotes and all other accessories to suffice my needs.Just like the 6-in-1 sport set, it will be as if I am playing ball games in actual. That could be a lot of fun indeed and I even need not go out of the house for such. I guess I have to save for this. hihi!

Thinking About My Personal Weight Reduction Program

With all those photos coming out from our college treasure bin lately, I came to the point of realizing how really big I have become. Comparing my size back then motivated me to think of my would be personal weight reduction program (wrp). I know it is not an instantaneous thing to set but I’d like it inexpensive or better not to cost me even a single penny.

Determined as I am I already started jogging around our subdivision every morning for about thirty minutes. But I guess that isn’t enough. I still have to match it up with a diet program. What if I eliminate rice from my everyday food intake? I ain’t sure if I can stand with it but my friends told me its effective.

My main target is to trim my big tummy, do I have to do some gym activities? Should I undergo an after-six diet program? Would it be advisable for me to take medications or at least cleansing tea to help me out? I am aware that reducing weight is such a tough thing to do aside from the fact that it really takes time. Perhaps it needs more of the attitude of perseverance and patience. I just hope I can do it.