Dinner at the Rusty Pelican

photo courtesy of http://www.rustypelican.com/

It was my first night in the United States and I never thought I can still manage to go out right after I came in. Travelers usually got jet log but I was not. We went to do some grocery shopping and headed towards the Newport Beach for a dinner. We stopped by a seafood restaurant by the harbor named Rusty Pelican. I was supposed to order a wine but I did not want to feel uncomfortable and instead I just thought about a wine making kit. It was a good welcome experience for me. The food was great though I was not able to finish them as I am not used to large servings. I enjoyed it more when the band started to play. By the way it is located at 2735 W Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663. If you are going to Costa Mesa then you better go and try it there at Rusty Pelican.