Missin One of My Bestie

One of my best friends is away. Miles and miles away as she is now in New Zealand. I guess she’s been there for almost six months now. We are speaking to each other almost everyday but still I am missing her. I miss our nonsense laughing and sharing of childish emotions.

She knows me very well and she knows that I can not stand a cold temperature. One time she sent me a picture of her in a snowy mountain. I said it looks like very interesting but I think I am gonna die in there. With the climate at its freezing point it is very important to know where to get cozy winter stuff such as http://www.cozywinters.com/storage/. At cozywinter.com you would be able to find variety of things that will help you organize your winter sporting equipment like Skis and Snowboards other sporting items such as Skateboards / Longboards, Wakeboards, Surfboards, Fishing Rods, Bicycles, Golf Bags, Garden Tools, and even wine bottles.

Going back to my friend, I am not actually wishing for her to come back but instead I would want to join her in new Zealand even though it would be colder than I thought.