JB: Sportfest Trophy

I’ve been thinking lately on what I could share for this week’s meme till I received an e-mail from our HR personnel that we can already claim our trophy. This was an award we’ve got in winning as a 2nd Runner up in Badminton Women’s Doubles on our Company Sportsfest  last year.

Though it came late and no awarding ceremony that took place, I still appreciate the token that serves as a remembrance of something in which we exerted effort and had fun about.

It maybe simple but it can also be regarded as:

Congrats to myself and to my friend and partner Elsa Castillo as well as to the rest of the winners.

Finally, a New Home

Just after quite some time of waiting, my domain has been transferred to a new hosting site. This was done with the help of some blogging friends Niko and mommy rubz.

I love to be here as I believe there’s more to expect from here.

I love the new template which is an another sort of my character’s description.

I love the green thing as always and will never get tired of it.

I love sharing thoughts and this is my passion.

I love earning on-line.

Thanks to wordpress, to my host provider and to my ever supportive and super kind friend Niko.

Till next thousand posts… (excited!) =)