What to Do on a Holiday


It was a holiday yesterday – a special day declared by the government for Eid’l Adha. While some of my office mates did attend to office to deliver some of their reports scheduled for that day, I just decided to stay at home and though of something else to do.

Below are the things which you may also check on doing:

1) Morning Exercise – to start my day with so much of positive energy, I went on dancing the zumba and sweat out.
2) Bonding with Kiddos – right after releasing stress doing that dancing routine I bonded with the kids, set them their meal while observing my diet. We even did it with our favorite pet.
3) Watching my Favorite Sports – staying at home doesn’t mean that I am not allowed to enjoy my favorite volleyball games, I did watch on TV the first out of the supposed three (3) games of Shakey’s V-League involving my favorite team Ateneo Lady Eagles against the National University Lady Bulldogs. It was one of the most exciting games ever, Lady Eagles did not win though.

These maybe were the most notable activities I have done which I am just happy about. How about you? What do you prefer to do during holidays?

Musically Inclined Financial Analysts

Part of the program during our First Quarter Team Bonding is a videoke challenge. But since we’re busy at the kitchen I was not able to witness that but as I heard from the other side of the venue it was joined by some newbies and team leaders.

Other than some members of the team brought their guitar and beat box though I was not so sure if they have something like sampletank too.

Music is indeed everywhere, no matter what you do it is a kind of outlet to release different kind of emotions be it happy, sad, stressed or hype.

Guilty About Not Working?

Sometimes it is not about the speed up your pc thing but about the person who is working. Most of the time the machines and the software are being blamed for being unable to deliver a certain report in the office but they are actually not. Not all people would admit that the down times are due to their own discipline simply because they don’t know the importance of what they are doing or rather they do not know which ones to prioritize so they would end up getting no work done. Sometimes it is a matter of conscience on who is really guilty about getting paid though not working really. Tsk! Tsk!


It is payday indeed because my salary is allotted to pay for my current debts such as housing loan amortization and other fixed expenses. Instead of me feeling great about receiving my paycheck it appears to be the other way around for I know that the money will just have to slip through my fingers. The good side of it is the thought that if not fully extinguished at least I would be able to lessen my existing obligations. I guess it is a usual scenario for every working person unless you are earning more than enough to cover up the family’s expenses.

Kris Kringle Ideas

Last Sunday night, we had our last minute shopping as I suddenly thought about our exchange gift which asks for something weird or bizarre. I had a hard time getting one as it was really hard to look for a thing especially if it requires to be within the budget. We went to the department store and I initially picked something black but not really weird in sense. Until I stopped in a small stall which sells custom made t-shirts. Indeed I got a very good idea from it. It can fit to almost every category in our Kris Kringle be it weird, funny, useful, solemn or wild just like those magical t shirts that can be purchased on line.

Argumentative Me

I do not usually back out from arguments. For as long as I know I have a point in a certain discussion, I will not stop fighting for it. Just this morning I got a response about a request I made regarding my leave of absence and I have been replied with an excerpt from a certain policy. In things like this, I even have more guts to become a rebel in action. I will never stop until somebody gives me a solid starting point or basis of a statement more so if a thing implies a lot of meaning. I will be forcing you to explain it until it becomes acceptable or is fully understood not just by me but by the people around me.

Mourning Doesn’t Stop

I am now back to work after three days of leave. It only means that I have lots of tasks lined up to accomplished and they actually piled up. Now it is not a Slow computer which I can use as a reason why my reports have been delayed but the lack of time to prepare them. Though I wanted more time to rest and recover, I just can’t do it. I even need to render extra day to work in which I will probably spend one Saturday for this. I know in time I will be able to get through this.

Nice Game

We did not win the game but we made sure that it was tough for them to get into the championship. Two straight sets with scores close the game was not easy indeed. Although I was not able to play longer than expected I was very happy for the team and I am sure they felt great as well. Ended as first runner up in place we were able to get medals individually and a cash prize amounting to P3,600. Not bad at least we have something for all of us to share. What to do with the money? Yet to be decided.

Championship Game

After all the struggles and hardships in playing some series of volleyball games in our company sports fest we are now heading towards the Championship title. Today is gonna be our first game of the twice to beat advantage for the Customer Care Center team. Admittedly, they have a stronger line up than ours but I guess we do have this courage more than their confidence. I hope we have something like dj table at musicians friend for the game later. So our supporters can cheer with the beat of the music. Hope we can still make it. Go Admin team!

Disneyland Quartet

Yesterday, after we have been to California Adventure Park we went straight to the Disneyland. In the main street there was this four guys in the Market House who caught our attention which made us stop and watch them. They were singing with their awesome voices. Even without the aid of midi keyboard at musicians friend they blended really well. It was as if we were in a musical concert. But it was no doubt that Disney will surely hire people at its best because one of their objectives is to entertain people and make them feel really happy while they are in the happiest place on earth – Disneyland! Hope I can still come back there with my son. 🙂

First Time – Big Time

In our lives there is always gonna be a first time. No matter how surprising your first time experience may be it still depends on how you take things up. And this first time stuff of mine is something that I will never be ashamed of and I will definitely cherish and treasure until the end of my life.

Yes, I do admit that it is my first time:

– to go out of the Philippines, which of course includes a first time for me to ride an international plane, to experience pretty tiring connecting flights, for my passport to get stamped, to be interviewed by an immigration officer which I thought must be really scary but it seemed to be just fine, to taste some food served in a plane, to watch some movies and listen to music while up in the sky, to feel really anxious about traveling alone;

– to get into one of the most-liked continents of the world, to witness some luxury cars ordinarily rolling down the streets which, to see a city that’s clean and quiet, to be in a road where there few instances of public transport in a day, to sleep in a king-sized bed alone, to pee and all that without the aid of a water-dipper;

-to literally live alone for quite several number of days, to get along with people in which I seem to be a total stranger as they basically share the same nationality and to be trusted by them, to falsely turn all my hankies into red because of my nose bleeding everyday, to see an office cafeteria with more than ten microwave ovens around and with free overflowing popcorn every Friday for employees to enjoy, to practice living like a well-off citizen with all things available just around the corner;

– to live a thousand miles away from my son, to miss my loved-ones really knowing that I cannot hug them as much as I want, to experience a number of sleepless nights due to time zone adjustments, to act like totally oblivious just as to confirm things out, to worry from afar even though I knew that I cannot be in control of things back home.

No matter how I emerge like an ignorant individual, how some people laugh at how I act I just don’t really care for as long as I don’t offend them with my deeds. I would like to see this thing in a different perspective – that I am lucky enough because not all people are given the same opportunity as what I enjoy now.

I really appreciate this occasion of my life especially my first time experience of attending a Sunday mass in Vietnamese Language and I know more than just anybody it is our Lord who has been generous enough to bless me with something really unforgettable like this. I consider this as a special birthday gift for me now that I am turning thirty (30) and will actually be celebrating my birthday in actual fact away from home. And I will always be glad to brag about this first time experience of mine which I regard as big time indeed. Super thanks to all my friends who never fail to make me feel that I am not alone even when I am, them who always remind me to enjoy my stay and those who have been the living instruments to make this travel a one huge reality. Missing you guys this much – I’ll be back soon and that’s for sure. What’s important for me is that, beyond all of these things I love my life in the Philippines and it is simply irreplaceable.

First Day of School

Last June 13, 2012 was Coi’s official first school day. Just like any other excited parents I took a change shift just as to feel the pleasure of sending my son to school. I am very happy that I did not have a problem on him like any other kids who are crying. My son has really learned to become an independent child in his own little ways. He knows how to get along with his peers and I am really impressed about the comments that I got from his teacher who told me that he is a bright child. He is the kind of a fast-learner kid and he knows how to lead in his age. Really I am a proud momi. May he carry on his good deeds.