Precious Valentine Gifts

stackable rings

Other than Christmas season expression of love is mostly seen during Valentine’s day. Flowers, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and a lot of stuffs are scattered everywhere making the Heart’s day even more special for those people who have a partner. But this day is not just for couple and for those with personal partner but for people who are remembered – remembered in the sense that because of how they get along anybody would love to give a thing for the purpose of recognition and appreciation.

However, if you have this great love for a person you usually would want to give not just a simple but an extravagant and precious gifts like those Joy Jewelers stackable rings something that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Toy Musical Instrument

flute recorder

Last Weekend my son told me that he is going to bring his toy trumpet in school – the one that he used for New Year’s eve because his teacher wants them to bring a toy musical instrument. I never allowed him to bring that since in my mind if it is indeed musical instruments that’s needed then he might take his guitar instead. But I thought about general guitar parts which could be broken if they would play on that so just today I decided to buy a recorder flute instead. When I came home I planned to reveal a surprise thru it thinking that he should be happy with that but then he said “its done, I don’t need it anymore” and so I told him its okay you can just learn playing it at home.

Water-based Aroma Scent

Last year I bought an air-freshener humidifier for less. It was on sale at a mall with a bottle of aroma oil in green bamboo scent. True to my excitement we were able to consume the oil in a short period of time faster than how it has been suggested without me knowing that the refill of such is not commonly found anywhere. Now I am having a hard time looking for one as the packaging says that only water-based scents are suitable for the revitalizer. There was one available that we’ve seen in a hardware but the cost seems to be to much for the purpose. I wish I can find one online.

A New Kitchen Toy

la germania_2burner gas stove
I am fond of cooking and if there’s one spot at home where you would usually see me it’s in the kitchen. Before the holidays came in 2015 our gas stove had a problem – its left burner was not functioning at all leaving me with a single burner to use. And so I decided to make my dream of having a gas range come true but due to unexpected expenses I ended up having a new double burner gas stove instead. And because it was just a replacement I never needed some kind of corner brackets and other stuff to fix my kitchen top counter and some racks on it.

Spoiled GF

Just today I bumped into an old photo of mine with me holding a bunch of flowers four years ago. It was one of the most surprising days I ever had – our 25th month together. I remember the moment when I came home. I was about to change clothes then so I immediately went upstairs. When I reached the top, I wonder why our huge water container is blocking my way so I opened it up to see what’s in there. When I took of the the cover a bouquet of flower showed up with a note coming from my man saying Happy monthsary mami. I could say I was a spoiled girl and still I am up to this day.

Rainy New Year Celebration

There was not much of noise and on our side not much of happenings during the media noche (midnight before New Year). It is because there was some kind of drizzle during the time. We just had few grilled items set on the table as we hear some fire crackers popping here and there as well as some trumpets sounding (though unsure about the trumpet brands) in the neighborhood. It not with the rain there could be a lot of fireworks around the area just like how we have witnessed things as such during the last New Year. We were not able to push through the games that we have prepared for the night but I know it will be done in the next few days. What’s good about it is that we still experience New Year which means another set of life’s chances for everyone.

Car Maintenance

Few days back when I heard something clanking under my car. It was as if it will break into pieces which has made me afraid of driving it again. So I decided to take it to the machine shop to have it checked. When I did I was not able to take it home with me as it needs to be confined for some repair and parts replacement and it entails some cost which is beyond my budget. Now the plan of buying has drum practice pads for my son has been postponed without knowing on when will I be able to schedule it again.

Happy Birthday To Me

For a department who started back in 2008 with only five (5) employees, to having seventy (70) employees six years after, Financial Planning & Analysis Shared Services (FPASS) has truly gone a long way.

The tricky thing with growth is that it often comes with struggles and difficulties. While it is common for everyone to have differences in opinions, attitudes and beliefs, FP&A is one step ahead in addressing these foreseeable shortcomings. Adapting to changes may be daunting for some but if the memories, events and activities shared by the team these last few months are a testament to how well FP&A is handling their growth, then FP&A is doing a pretty great job.accoustic

Missin One of My Bestie

One of my best friends is away. Miles and miles away as she is now in New Zealand. I guess she’s been there for almost six months now. We are speaking to each other almost everyday but still I am missing her. I miss our nonsense laughing and sharing of childish emotions.

She knows me very well and she knows that I can not stand a cold temperature. One time she sent me a picture of her in a snowy mountain. I said it looks like very interesting but I think I am gonna die in there. With the climate at its freezing point it is very important to know where to get cozy winter stuff such as At you would be able to find variety of things that will help you organize your winter sporting equipment like Skis and Snowboards other sporting items such as Skateboards / Longboards, Wakeboards, Surfboards, Fishing Rods, Bicycles, Golf Bags, Garden Tools, and even wine bottles.

Going back to my friend, I am not actually wishing for her to come back but instead I would want to join her in new Zealand even though it would be colder than I thought.

All Time Low

Sometimes you really have to set your priorities and you have to determine which among them is the most important. Like for us parents we always want our children to have a bright future. My son is now in his second grade and for the first time in his schooling he got an average way below 90%. And I would like to blame myself for this. With us wanting to provide all the things we needed we utilized most of our time working to earn some more and the consequence of that is spending less or even no time to teach my son in his studies and so this was the outcome. The dilemma on this is that would it be okay to set aside the pride of pushing my son to become part of the honor roll or to let him enjoy school without much of a pressure simply because we don’t have much of time to do so. Guiding him in his studies and providing him all his needs are two different options but are of the same objective of giving your son the best of life that you can offer as a parent.

Love Your Enemies

Yesterday, I have experienced the feeling of being stricken by guilt when I initially refused to help a sick someone who has thrown me a lot of heart crushing words. I felt shaking when I get up the staircase knowing that there is a better way and a rightful thing to do. I asked for an advice and I stumbled into the following verses:

Love Your Enemies

It maybe is one of the hardest things a person needs to bear for you know that you need to do the right thing even when you really don’t feel at ease on it. Pray for it and believe that all things will fall into its proper places. What’s important is that you will never regret doing the right thing.

Wives Bonding

Today wives servants of Feast Bacoor are having their bonding moment somewhere in a city. I am supposed to join them but I am not feeling better today with my head aching I feel like I don’t have enough strength to travel that far and even extra finances to support the thing. I wish I am not this broke I wish I also have the capability to avail a novation launch pad. But I am hoping that I will be able to join them next time as I also miss having fun with friends. I am praying for their safe travel and fun filled activities.